ERNI connectors can be found in a variety of transportation applications

We recognize this evolving industry requires connectors that consistently deliver strong signals, have secure latching, can be stacked,  have a minimal footprint, and perform in environments that are harsh, often with high vibration. 
We build THOSE connectors.   We understand the USCAR standards and build connector solutions to meet those for exterior and interior lights, BMS, hybrid solutions (PHEV and  HEV), shifters, power inverters, and more to meet the requirements of today's overall connected vehicle.  
We also understand that modern transportation comes in many forms.  From passenger cars to heavy trucks, from rail to motorized skateboards, ERNI has powerful, miniaturized, robust connector solutions for each of those modes.  
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Learn more about ERNI Connectors

If you're curious to learn more about ERNI connectors, check out these one-page datasheets that give you a few more details about some of these popular ones.


MaxiBridge is a 2.54mm pitch connector with dual latching, high temp resistance and delivers up to 12A per


ERNI's SMC is a miniaturization of the ever-popular DIN, with a 1.27mm pitch this powerhouse conveys up to 1.7A per contact and 3Gbts/S., 


MiniBridge is a 1.27mm single row connector that delivers up to 8,6A per contact, has integrated retention clips, and comes in SMT and IDC.


The modern vehicle is connected more now that ever, making ERNI's EMI shielded MicroSpeed with up to 25 Gbts/S and 1A per contact,  and when paired with the power module another 18A per, an excellent choice.

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