ERNI Electronics has a variety of High Power Connectors that compliment our wide array of signal and data products. Learn more about our High Power solutions here. NOTE - some of these products work across multiple ERNI signal connectors.

MicroSpeed Power

18A, 2mm, 5 pins, stacking, works with more than MicroSpeed

Power Taps

40A, 2.54mm, 1 pin, various cable sizes

CoAx/High Current Contacts

40A, frequency range 3GHz, works with 2MM HM and DIN 7.62mm

Power Elements

360A, 2.54mm, 6-36 pins, threads M3-M12, highly shock and vibration resistant


12A, 2.0mm, 3-7pins, many contact lengths

IDC Terminals

17.5A, extremely small, many colors, no wire stripping needed 

DIN Power

15A, 5.08 and 7.62 pitch, 11-48 pins, 1-3 rows, 1Gbt/s


12A, 2.54mm pitch, 1 & 2 rows, straight and right angle


8.7A, 1.27mm, SRC, straight and right angle

iBridge Ultra

8A, 2.0mm, SRC, USCAR-2, -21 and UL certified

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