Wire to Board

ERNI's Wire-to-Board Interconnect solutions include not only some of our newest and most powerful versatile connectors but also some of the tried and trusted core products.  ERNI offers a variety of WtB configurations with many variants of angled and vertical configurations.  Here are some of our Wire to Board interconnect solutions.  You can see the full range with technical details in our Product Selector Guide.   


MaxiBridge by ERNI is a leading solution for demanding applications.  Robust, powerful, easy to adopt, this 2.54mm pitch connector has an exceptionally low z-height &  delivers 12A per contact.  

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iBridge Ultra

ERNI's iBridge Ultra is a miniaturized powerhouse.  With only a 2mm pitch, it still carries up to 8A per contact.  Designed for harsh environments, this tin plated connector if very versatile. 

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ERNI's SMC is a miniaturized version of the trusted DIN.  With just a 1.27mm pitch, this versatile connector series carries 3 Gb/s, up to 1.7A and has multiple configuration and cabling options.

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More products are coming soon but you can visit the Product Selector Guide to learn more about all of ERNI's interconnect products.  Don't forget the images are hotlinked and take you to erni.com for each family.

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