M12 Right Angle


The angled M12 connectors were specially developed for sensor applications. Thanks to their extremely short design of only 14 mm length and their central position concerning the PCB, they are very compact.

Angled M12 connectors can be processed within a SMT assembly line. The reduction to a single soldering process allows considerable cost savings and guarantees compliance with the high-quality requirements for sensor applications.

The fully assembled PCBs are pushed into the sensor tube up to the stop. The stop is formed by the collar on the connector, which is typical for this application.

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ERNI's Right Angle M12 is an excellent choice for sensor applications.

The ERNI Advantage

This isn't your typical M12 RA connector - it's much more.

1.) Snap-in function & Anti-twist protection guarantee secure positioning of the connector in the M12 sensor tube
2.) Extremely compact design with 14 mm length
3.) Stop on housing
4.) The central position of the connector to the printed circuit board & THR connection for automatic assembly

The angled M12 sensor connectors are available in other versions with anti-twist protection or snap-in function. An additional sealing function with an
O-ring shields against moisture and liquid, protecting your application in even the harshest environments.

ERNI's angled M12 connectors address a variety of industrial applications such as level, distance, pressure, and other sensors. 

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