ERNI's iBridge Ultra is miniaturized, robust and powerful.  With the small size and 8A capacity, iBridge Ultra is perfect for BMS applications and more.


Robust. Miniature. Powerful.

ERNI's MaxiBridge connector series was built for the automotive industry.  With dual beam female contacts, a long wipe length, high resistance to vibration and remarkably low z-height, MaxiBridge excels in the harsh automotive environments.

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 MaxiBridge delivers up to 12A per contact

Built to USCAR-2 and LV214 standards

With up to 12A per contact, MaxiBridge is the perfect choice for automotive power systems and more.  And thanks to temperature resistance from -55C to +150C, this miniature series will perform in even the harshest of environments.  Easy to adopt, MaxiBridge has locating pegs, mechanical and color coding, solder clips, and more to make installation easy.  

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