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MicroSpeed expands

ERNI has added new selections to the popular MicroSpeed line, both in signal and power.  

Interconnects for IoT

ERNI recently participated in a websinar, Interconnects for IoT.  Click here to launch the YouTube link to learn more.

ISO 9001:2015

ERNI Electronics, Iinc. is a registered ISO9001:2015 company.  

iBridge Ultra adds solder & cable assemblies

ERNI adds new variants to the popular iBridge Ultra product family.......

ERNI connects medical devices

ERNI Americas team pivots to produce connectors and cable assemblies for essential medical devices in fight against COVID-19......

ERNI Connects the Modern Vehicle

Read more about how ERNI connectors are the perfect choice for the modern vehicle.  From lighting to entertainment, safety to connectivity, ERNI has the right connector for each application.

ERNI connectors are great for all types of transportation.

Read an interview with our own FAE, Shawn D'Gama, as he explains how ERNI connectors are a perfect choice for transportation, including heavy vehicles.  

M12 RA for sensors

ERNI's M12 Right Angle connector is perfect for sensors.  Learn more about how this versatile product is easy to work with and powerful for your project.