ERNI's SMC is the original whiz kid.  Built on the foundation of DIN, this 1.27mm pitch powerhouse is versatile, robust and highly reliable.  With BtB and WtB configurations, SMC conveys both 3Gbit/s and 1.7A and has a premium mating security of 2.5mm.  Designers from all types of industries rely on ERNI's SMC, instilling confidence in a proven winner.     

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ERNI's iBridge Ultra is miniaturized, robust and powerful.  With the small size and 8A capacity, iBridge Ultra is perfect for BMS applications and more.

High tolerance and maximum versatility

ERNI's SMC is designed for maximum tolerances both in the field as well as at the assembly line.   Misalignment is prevented and connectivity is assured due to the robust ERNI design that assures performance in rugged conditions of vibration, shock and temperatures ranging from -55C to 125C.
With pin counts from 12-80, SMC is an exceptionally versatile series with a multitude of confugurations, including connectors and  cable assemblies (AWG30) and a board to board height of 40mm is achievable.  

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SMC has expanded

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